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Last Publishing date 09/07/2024  _ 16:53  

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   Announcement No. 147 - 12/06/2024 

New Update Release in pricing and model configuration on both Economy & Premium HF systems are available to check. 


    Announcement No. 146 - 16/03/2024 

All price lists for combinations and related systems are under update. For inquiries, call 70001747

  ☐  Announcement No. 145 - 17/02/2024 

On March 15, 2024, the renewable energy loan will be launched within the “Dawi Your Home” program.

  ☐  Announcement No. 144 - 11/23/2023 

All of our blend prices are now being adjusted within new frameworks that are easier to research and approach.

Please visit our page later or inquire on the following numbers: 70001747 - 06205492

  Announcement No. 143 - 07/11/2023 

Lis prices for Premium systems are being adjusted

Please visit the page later or call customer service 70001747

  Announcement No.142  14/10/2023 

A professional maintenance center has been created, managed by specialized technicians, to receive all inverter devices of various types with the highest standards and to use original spare parts within the framework of the free delivery and pick-up service, especially in coastal areas. 

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 ☐ 09/07/2024 

Regarding the Deir Ammar important statement from “Electricité du Liban”!

 ☐ 28/02/2024 

A warning from Electricité du Liban to those...

 ☐ 15/02/2024 

Will Electricité du Liban pay citizens for “solar energy” electricity?

Lebanon 24 Special

  ☐ 12/01/2024 

Amending the decision to raise electricity tariffs between arrogance and maneuvering / Ghassan Baydoun

  ☐ 11/01/2024 

The Electricité du Liban Corporation announced in a statement on Wednesday, that the electricity supply will gradually be restored, starting from last Tuesday evening.

The corporation stated that it worked to increase production capacity, bringing the total production to 400 megawatts. 

Added: “We also inform honorable citizens that the corporation will maintain this limit of electrical production (around 400 megawatts) for the current period, so as not to fall into the prohibited by mid-February 2024.”

  ☐ 11/28/2023 

Increasing electricity hours: Betting on 11 companies waiting for the IMF

  ☐ 01/11/2023 

Mikati chaired a meeting of the Electricity Committee Fayyad: Starting the new tariff in May at a lower cost and canceling the 20% tariff

  ☐ 08/21/2023 

Participation with LSE manager - a special investigation, Al-Ahed News website: Does humidity affect the productivity of solar panels? Al-Ahed News website

  ☐ 07/19/2023 

Intervention with LSE manager - on Radio Monte Carlo International: Electricity in Lebanon: Solar panels and the energy crisis: Will the solution turn into chaos?

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