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Last Publishing date 09/07/2024  _ 16:53  

  Lebanese Sustainable Energy 

 A Lebanese Company  (Private management) 


Pioneering in providing the best and most appropriate price and quality in the field of sustainable electrical energy conservation and production services.

33 years of experience in the field of developing and tuning systems for recycling and preserving electrical energy - especially in residential areas, while providing real alternative solutions to power generators and/or private generator subscriptions spread in most Lebanese regions. 



We specialize in addressing the shortcomings of the absence of electrical current by providing alternative solutions through well-thought-out and ready-made systems and combinations that suit all the requirements according to each case, all within the framework of selling, equipping, and installing electro-electric systems to recycle and conserve electrical energy and/or systems for sourcing and producing solar photovoltaic energy for homes and villas. Chalets, shops, and other places where needed.


LSE is unique in its after-sales services by providing a range of warranty, maintenance, and follow-up programs - whether temporary or sustainable, according to the desire of each beneficiary of its customers.




*  Trade name: Lebanese Sustainable Energy

*  Website:

*  Main address - Administration: Riad Al-Solh Street - the first branch street (Qasim Al-Imad)

     Al Bustan Building - ground floor


      Tripoli, Lebanon


*  General Director :

*  Email:

*  Maintenance and service centers: Tripoli - Miryata - Antelias - (Sidon soon)


*  Mobile customer service number: +96170001747 (from 9:00 AM until 6:00 in the evening) except on official holidays.

-   Landline phone number:  +9616205492

-   International number:   +16572041747